Friday, 25 February 2011

LTT Vending provides Elephant Pumps for a Thisty Planet.

LTT Vending is proud to announce their contribution to 
"Thirsty Planet" bottled water has established 9 new Elephant Water Pumps in the Mwenesi District, Zimbabwe.

Thirsty Planet is a charity dedicated to bringing clean water to millions of people in sub Saharan Africa. Every bottle of Thirsty Planet Water sold guarantees to help provide over 5,000 litres of clean water…that's 40 litres of water every day for 4 months… and that's just one bottle!

The Elephant Pump is an award winning- low cost community centred approach to sustainable water production. The technology is simple and appropriate for the communities it serves; it doesn't rely on skilled maintenance or specialist tools and can be maintained by local people. Clean water can be accessed instantly and quickly, directly from the ground.

In 2011 Thirsty Planet has established 9 Elephant Pumps in the Mwenezi District of Zimbabwe thanks to the contributions of LTT Vending and its customers Aston University, University of Surrey, University of Sussex, Surrey Sports Park, Keighley Leisure Centre and Richard Dunn Sports Centre; who stock Thirsty Plant Water in their vending machines.

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