Monday, 27 February 2012

Tobacco sales from vending machines ban

THE sale of cigarettes from vending machines in Carrickfergus will be illegal after a ban comes into force next week.

The legislation is being introduced across Northern Ireland on March 1 to tackle the number of underage smokers that exist.

In 2010 a survey found that in the province, 14 percent of smokers were aged 11-16 years. The ban will bring Northern Ireland into line with England and Wales, with Scotland set to introduce similar legislation shortly.

With an estimated 15 tobacco vending machines remaining in the Borough, the Council’s Environmental Health staff will examine numbers during visits to check compliance with the Smoking (NI) Order 2006.

The local government authority’s Tobacco Control Officer will also be visiting appropriate premises to advise them of the change in law, with compliance visits to be carried out after the ban is introduced.


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