Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Douwe Egberts and vending operators provide a cost effective alternative to high street coffee.

Recent online posts by, Paul Freeman, Marketing Director at Douwe Egberts Coffee Systems UK, explain how vending operators throughout the country have had significant successes in comparison to high street chains in the hot drinks market.

Mr Freeman, in an article for Vending International goes on to discuss how vending operators like LTT Vending for example demanded better machines and better quality products for their clients.  Vended coffee is no longer a simple convenience solution; clients like @BupaUK and @SussexUni ensure that their clients have the best solution available.

LTT Vending is in the enviable position of working with a range of machine manufacturers and as a consequence is able to provide bespoke solutions depending on the requirements of the client and their customer base.  University of Leeds employ the Giraffe machine, affectionately called the ‘quid with a lid’ which serves 12oz premium quality drinks at a fraction of the cost of High Street rivals, the end result is students spend more time on campus.

Edward Selka, Managing Director, at LTT Vending believes passionately that employing quality products is the best way of differentiating from the crowd and the only way of ensuring customer retention.  Happy customers mean happy clients, LTT Vending prides itself on ‘being the customer’s choice’.

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